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Roger Dell Seddon

Roger is a traditional and contemporary English landscape artist working with oils, pastels and acrylic. His landscape and seascape paintings can be moody and dramatic and are characterized by their tonal qualities and energetic brushstrokes.  It is increasingly evident in his most recent work that detail is kept to a minimum so that the viewer is able to participate in a personal journey of discovery and interpretation.

Rogerís hope is for each painting to be fresher, looser and more subjective than the one before with abstraction falling well short of Rothko and much closer to the style and approach of Seago. He shares the view expressed by Donald Hamilton Fraser that art is a gift handed out on a daily basis and that on getting up each morning you have to hope that it will still be there.

Inner Harbour Moorings, Sandbanks

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Beyond the studio Roger will use pencil, pen and ink, charcoal and pastel to produce finished drawings and sketches of subjects that capture his interest. Although very much a Dorset artist, many of his drawings are based on travel overseas, especially in Mediterranean Europe, India, Central and South America.

Examples of recent and earlier work can be seen on Rogerís web site at

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