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Judith Warbey

I am principally a printmaker – etching and monotype – but have developed a keen interest in making artists books. These are usually made from paper which has been altered in some way with paint, or print, or lettering, or cutting and then made up into an appropriate book – concertina folded, rolled or with sections, which are then bound, or contained, or even left with the bare bones of construction visible.

They can stand or hang if appropriate – but the main point (for me) is that they are accessible, to be handled, giving the viewer control of the pace of the viewing and time to interrogate the contents closely.

 Avon Deeps
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 Making books led me to calligraphy; the formation of letters having their own beauty and rhythm which fits in well with the traditional contents of books. I have begun to incorporate lettering in image – adding context, interest and texture.

Of course, I began in a more traditional way. I was fortunate enough to be brought up with my Grandfather’s watercolour paintings on the walls and his travel books on the bookshelves. Walter Tyndale was a travelling artist in late Victorian times who wrote about the countries he visited and painted scenes, landscapes and people – these images to sell at exhibitions when his books were published. Therefore, my first interest was in watercolour and the drawing that underpins the genre.

I was encouraged to attend Shelley Park, Bournemouth, to widen my understanding of different media, and I “discovered” etching. I love the happy accidents that occur, the qualities of print, the process and handling the beautiful paper involved.

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