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Frances Hatch       

I prefer to work with the sky arched over my head - somewhere where I can be in place and stand as witness - when things go well I become a participant in the present moment.   Teetering on the edge, between what is and what is becoming, is my position. 

A breathlessness may be apparent in marks made in this way - at least I hope it is. My aspiration is to be fully attentive in the energetic exchange between what is outside and what connects with my interior reality. 

Slate 2, Charmouth
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My materials tend to be water-based (watercolour, acrylic and local earths) so they are influenced by precipitation and temperature. My best paintings feel like collaborations between me, the weather and the emerging work. Increasingly I'm incorporating the stuff of the landscape in the works. 
Natural earths attract me with their range of pigment and texture - their geological nomenclature and age. The environments within which I am working currently include Charmouth and Studland on The Isle of Purbeck along The Jurassic Coast as well as the North West Highlands of Scotland.  Antarctica holds enduring significance.

Direct work in the landscape is central to my practice - but then so is reflection and research - so I have developed the practice of keeping a research blog to share a bit of that inner landscape. 

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