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Diane Roberts

Diane Roberts describes the intuitive process involved in abstraction. As a painter she creates sensuous surfaces with paint and sand into which she draws or scratches, articulating shapes or marking out the textures that correspond with what she holds in her mind's eye. Often she lets an idea make its own way, for she is fascinated by the unpredictability of paint, and the pure magic of creating an illusion. Each work is allowed its individual identity with a sensibility of its own.

For her, a painting is an object of physical beauty. Perhaps this is why there is often a sculptural aspect to the work, as in Blue Horizons the very small drawings have a delicacy and timeless quality, translated into a contemporary context through different materials. Recent seascapes and Poor Weather hint at Dorset Coast lines where Diane travels. But in the end all her work emerges in the magical domain of the studio.

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