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Angela Perrett

An Arts degree course under the tuition of Fred Sinkinson was the start of a journey across surface and colour; originally inspired by the rock formations of Portland, Dorset – the raw and exposed landscape.

Cross sectional analysis featured heavily in textured paintings which explored layer upon layer of colour media.

The intention has been to disturb the surface: to score, dig out, apply surface qualities and through numerous pouring, rollering and lifting processes, reveal a wealth of pattern qualities. Gradually a free and open enjoyment of these techniques has led to fresh outcomes. Angela’s aim is to evoke a sense of time and place.

Portland Journey

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A constant searching for new forms of expression has resulted in work in clay, where burnishing is a dominant surface treatment and more recently to work in glass. Here, multiple inclusions, a painterly approach, accompanied by the unpredictability of the medium, mean that a passion for texture is fully realised.  

Angela’s overall intention is to engage and challenge the viewer, to enable them to respond and reach their own visual conclusions.

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